12/10/17: Pat Nolan, Director of the American Conservative Union Foundation's Center for Criminal Justice Reform, sat down with his cousin, Pat Nolan of Nashville's News Channel 5 to discuss the push for criminal justice reform in Tennessee and across the country.


12/7/17: The Church has both the unique ability and unparalleled capacity to confront the staggering crisis of crime and incarceration in America and to respond with restorative solutions for communities, victims, and individuals responsible for crime. Dr. Russell Moore (ERLC), Craig DeRoche (Prison Fellowship), and Pat Nolan (ACU Foundation) discuss the importance of faith on criminal justice reform.


12/7/17: Lindsay Holloway shares her story of addiction, incarceration, and how her faith led her back to the right path. 


9/22/17: Watch as CCJR Deputy Director David Safavian moderates a panel discussion on Criminal Justice Reform in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the PA GOP annual meeting. Panelists include Kevin Ring (FAMM), Bret Bucklen (PA DOC), and Anne Seymour (Victim's Advocate). 


How can the United States better utilize probation and parole to rein in the justice system? Oahu Circuit Court Judge Steven Alm describes the Hawaii Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) program, which has been a huge success thus far in Hawaii.


6/22/17: Criminal justice reform and reducing recidivism: Remarks from Senate Committee on the Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA). Followed by a panel discussion featuring Hayne Yoon (Vera Institute of Justice), John Huffington (Living Classrooms Foundation), and Pat Nolan (American Conservative Union Center for Criminal Justice Reform); moderated by Gerard Robinson (American Enterprise Institute). 


5/24/17 - Facebook Live: Marcus Bullock, CEO of Flikshop, sat down with us to talk about re-entry programming in prison, barriers to entering the job market with a criminal record, and his tech start-up working to keep families of the incarcerated in touch with their loved ones. 


4/17/17 - Facebook LIVE: Dan Schneider, Executive Director of the American Conservative Union sits down with us to discuss the philosophical reasons why conservatives should care about criminal justice reform.


4/3/17 - Facebook LIVE: We sat down with ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp to discuss why conservatives should care about criminal justice reform.


CPAC 2017: What is the conservative solution to reigning in prosecutorial misconduct in the U.S. Criminal Justice System? Pat Nolan (Director, Center for Criminal Justice Reform, ACU Foundation) moderates the discussion with David A. Keene (Opinion Editor, The Washington Times); Sidney Powell (Former U.S. Attorney); and Kevin Ring (President, Families Against Mandatory Minimums).


CPAC 2017: Stephen Mills, Apache, Oklahoma Chief of Police, took the stage to discuss his experiences with Civil Asset Forfeiture, both as a law enforcement agent and as a private citizen.  


CPAC 2016: DC Attorney Reginald Brown sits down with CCJR Director Pat Nolan to talk about the Criminalization of Politics.


CPAC 2016: CCJR Director Pat Nolan moderates a panel titled, “Conservatives Lead The Way: Criminal Justice Reform in the States.” The panel featured State Sen. Brian Kelsey (TN-31), Mark Levin (TPPF), and Jerry Madden (Right On Crime).


5/19/15: CCJR Director Pat Nolan sat down to discuss the reasons conservatives should care about criminal justice reform.


CPAC 2015: Criminal Justice Reform: Getting More Safety for our Tax Dollars. Pat Nolan (Director, ACUF Center for Criminal Justice Reform) moderates a discussion with the following panelists: Governor Sam Brownback (R-KS), Julie Stewart (FAMM), Grover Norquist (ATR), and Mark Levin (TPPF). 


CPAC 2015: Asset Forfeiture: The Sheriff of Nottingham at your Doorstep. Pat Nolan (Director, ACUF Center for Criminal Justice Reform) moderates a discussion on asset forfeiture with panelists Derek Cohen (Texas Public Policy Foundation) and Darpana Sheth (Institute for Justice).  


7/7/14: CCJR Director Pat Nolan featured on PBS Newshour during a discussion on criminal justice reform.


10/1/14: CCJR Director, Pat Nolan, discusses the fear of crime and the prison build up during an interview with Justice in Focus: Crime Bill @ 20, an initiative of the Vera Institute of Justice.


CPAC 2014: What is the Conservative Solution to an Overreaching Legal System? Pat Nolan (Director, ACUF Center for Criminal Justice Reform) moderates the discussion with Grover Norquist (President, Americans for Tax Reform); The Honorable Rick Perry, Governor of Texas; and Bernard Kerik (former Commissioner, New York City Police).