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ACU joins bipartisan coalition calling for Asset Forfeiture reform

Today, the American Conservative Union joined a bipartisan coalition calling for the urgent need to reform our asset forfeiture laws. Specifically, the letter calls on Congress to amend the CJS appropriations bill when it is considered in the House of Representatives in order to roll back the Department of Justice’s unjustified expansions of this practice that have been taking place since July 2017. You can read the letter from groups like ACU, FreedomWorks, Law Enforcement Action Partnership, the Goldwater Institute and more below:  

Guest column: Give Louisiana justice reforms time to work

By David Safavian and Louisiana State Rep. Julie Emerson (R-Carencro)

Originally published in The Advocate 

Coming in first is generally something to be proud of. For instance, LSU football winning the BCS National Championship in 2007, or the New Orleans Saints winning Super Bowl XLIV are both memorable examples. But being No. 1 isn’t always something to strive for.

Father's Day Is Important – Even for Fathers in Prison

By Pat Nolan 

Originally Published on 

This week families across America will gather to celebrate the role our fathers play in our lives. While it is fun to gather around the grill and enjoy a nice meal together, it is also a good time to acknowledge the important and unique influence of our fathers.

Pat Nolan to Conservatives - Correcting Incorrect Information about the FIRST STEP Act


To:              Fellow Conservatives

From:          Pat Nolan

Re:              Incorrect Information about the First Step Act

Date:           May 29, 2018

Opponents of the First Step Act make two principal arguments against it:

  1. It “would require every federal prisoner, without exception, be placed in a facility within 500 miles of home” and
  2. It would “retroactively increase good-time credits”.

Both of these assertions are incorrect.

Improving Criminal Justice ‘Benefits All of Us’ - Q&A with CCJR Director Pat Nolan


Interview originally published on 

Pat Nolan is a leading voice in the national criminal justice reform movement. The former Republican member of the California State Assembly served 29 months in federal custody for racketeering during the 1990s, and after his release he got involved in efforts to make sentencing and corrections policies more effective. He directs the Center for Criminal Justice Reform at the American Conservative Union Foundation and is an active member of Right on Crime, an alliance of conservatives that advocates for changes to the criminal justice system.