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Pregnant and imprisoned: The crisis thousands of women are facing

By Kaitlin Owens and Emily Mooney 

Originally published in TheHill 

Imagine you are a white-collar offender, who has just been arrested. As you wait for your trial, in prison, you find out you’re pregnant. Plagued with the reality that there are no perfect options for bringing your child into the world, you start to panic.

Press Release: All Women Deserve to be Treated with Human Dignity; Even Those Who Are Pregnant Behind Bars


September 14, 2018     


All Women Deserve to be Treated with Human Dignity;

Even Those Who Are Pregnant

Alexandria, VA - The American Conservative Union (“ACU”) Foundation commends the work of Reps. Mia Love (R-UT) and Karen Bass (D-CA) for authoring H.R. 6805, the Protecting the Health and Wellness of Babies and Pregnant Women in Custody Act, which was introduced today in the US House of Representatives. As a conservative organization with a focus on improving the criminal justice system for all, we are pleased to see this positive step towards affording every woman in prison a degree of basic human dignity – something that is often lost in a system designed for men.

First Step Act will move prison reform forward | Opinion

Originally published in The Tennessean 

By David Safavian and Dr. Russell Moore 

One of the clear goals of this administration has been to roll back government overreach in order to provide greater opportunities for Americans. In February, President Trump explained relief must also extend to men and women in our prisons:

“As America regains its strength…opportunity must be extended to all citizens. That is why this year we will embark on reforming our prisons to help former inmates who have served their time get a second chance.”

Center-Right coalition urges DOJ to continue to fund JRI

ACU joined with several center right organizations urging the Department of Justice to continue their funding of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI), which has helped over 35 states reform their justice systems, reducing crimes, costs, and incarceration rates along the way. Read the letter below: 

Trump gives thumbs up to prison sentencing reform bill at pivotal meeting

Originally published in TheHill

President Trump has told Republican senators that he’s open to a new proposal on prison and sentencing reform, giving new life to an issue that seemed hopelessly stalled on Capitol Hill.