Niger Innis

Niger Innis currently serves as the National Spokesman for the C ongress of Racial Equality (CORE) and is the Chairman of the 3 million member strong The Tea Party Forward. He works closely with the National Chairman and represents CORE across the United States and around the world. The Tea Party Forward is the largest national Tea Party organization in the country, with more than 3 million members.


In addition to his role with CORE and the Tea Party Forward, Mr. Innis serves in the following capacities: Co­Chairman of the Affordable Power Alliance (APA), a coalition of Latino and African American ministerial organizations; senior citizen advocates, which fight against extreme public policies that raise energy (and associated) costs.

Innis serves on the board of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, the American Media Institute; Advisory Committee Project 21 for the National Center for Public Policy Research; NRA Membership Committee and is an NRA lifetime member.

In December 2012, Niger co­founded the New America organization, dedicated to promoting conservative values in urban centers across southern Nevada.

In December 2014, Mr. Innis was elected to the Executive Board of the Nevada NAACP.

In January 2014, Mr. Innis became a candidate seeking the Republican th

primary designation for Congress in Nevada’s 4 Congressional District. Although Innis won the endorsement of the delegates to the Nevada GOP state convention, he narrowly lost a hotly contested race to the current Congressmen, Crescent Hardy.

Mr. Innis served as campaign manager for the Roy Innis Mayoral Campaign during the 1993 New York City Democratic Party primary and helped to garner more than 25% of the vote. In 1997 Mr. Innis served as a delegate to the 19th American­German Young Leaders Conference and was later selected by senior US leaders to serve on the American Delegation to the American Swiss Foundation Young Leaders Conference in Zurich, Switzerland in 2000.

Mr. Innis’ Civil Rights and political activities led to regular and various television and radio appearances around the world.

He was hired as one of the first Political & Social commentators for MSNBC upon its launch in 1996. He was hired as a political commentator for NPR (National Public Radio) in 2004. He has also been a guest on CNN, BBC, CBC,

Fox News Channel, ABC News, CBS News, etc. Mr. Innis is currently a part­time commentator for NBC News in his adopted home state of Nevada.

Mr. Innis attended Georgetown University and pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. Mr. Innis, born and raised in Harlem, New York, and lived in North Las Vegas, Nevada since 2008.