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Faith and Justice Reform

ACUF’s Pat Nolan sat down with Dr. Russell Moore of the ERLC and Craig DeRoche of Prison Fellowship in Nashville to discuss how faith shapes their view of criminal justice reform.

Faith and Justice Reform


Watch Pat Nolan moderate a discussion on the conservative solution to reigning in prosecutorial misconduct in the U.S. Criminal Justice System.


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Why conservatives should support criminal justice reform - an Interview with Pat Nolan

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Pat Nolan is the Director of the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Center for Criminal Justice Reform. For 15 years, Pat served in the California State Assembly, four of those as the Assembly Republican Leader, and was a leader on crime issues, taking a particularly “tough on crime” approach to legislation involving issues such as sentencing. 

Civil Asset Forfeiture: Explained

By Waseem Salahi, Jessica Brand, and Callie Heller

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In January 2016 in San Diego, a SWAT team entered the offices of Med-West, a licensed cannabis manufacturer and distributer. It seized over $300,000 in cash and products valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, law enforcement and the District Attorney seized $100,000 from owner James Slatic’s personal bank accounts, money that also belonged to his wife and his kids.

ACU Foundation endorses two criminal justice proposals by Right on Crime


ACUF Calls On Bureau Of Prisons To Better Use Compassionate Release Authority



American Conservative Union Foundation Calls On Bureau Of Prisons To Better Use Compassionate Release Authority For Sick And Elderly Offenders

Washington, DC, December 7, 2017 – With Christmas approaching, the American Conservative Union Foundation (“ACUF”) is calling on the Federal Bureau of Prisons (“BOP”) to use the authority given to it by law to offer compassionate release to more terminally ill and elderly offenders.  ACUF is working with FreedomWorks, the R Street Institute, Families Against Mandatory Minimums and a number of faith-based organizations to address this important issue.

Join us in Nashville for a discussion on Faith and Criminal Justice Reform

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Why Our Faith Should Shape the Way We Look at Our Criminal Justice System


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